html_5 KÖBO - A leading global specialist in roller chains for over 120 years

Welcome to KÖBO: Pioneering Chain Technology – for over 120 years.

As a company, the products we manufacture only work when they mesh perfectly, and so we know the importance of good partnerships. Our drive for the highest quality, our strength in forward-thinking innovation, and our maximum product safety has made us one of the leading chain providers in the world. Through years of expertise, today our KÖBO professionals develop customized, highly effective solutions – we are the “The Chain People".

Steel Industry

When materials and technology are crucial, KÖBO meets that demand as a specialist in technology driven industries by producing the finest quality special conveyor chains and sprockets for the steel, metallurgical, and aluminum industries. 

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Bulk Handling Industry

Whether coarse or fine-grained, whether by corrosive or abrasive properties – our unique knowledge of the conveyor process and our high quality standards allows us to work together with the major equipment manufacturers of the industry.

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Automobile Industry

Good technology and good relationships have a lot in common. We are strong component partner to automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The development and production of our high-performance handling and plattenbankchains are a prime example.

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Food industry

KÖBO chain technology is present in the industries of baking, meat processing, bottling, and the processing of produce and cereals. We put our efficient concepts to work for our partners in the food industry every day.

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Wood Industry

KÖBO develops and produces chains for the lumber industry. We work together with our international partners to create innovative, efficient solutions for their needs.

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Passenger Transportation Industry

KÖBO creates excellent connections, one chain at a time. It’s only natural then that moving people is an important part of our portfolio. Our chain systems create a superbly smooth movement for optimal comfort to the passenger - worldwide.

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Water Treatment Industry

Water treatment plants are often highly complex, high-tech facilities. To satisfy the varying needs within this industry, KÖBO produces specialty chains of stainless and special alloy steels.

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Additional Industrial Applications

KÖBO has unparalleled production capabilities. Our chain and sprocket production facilities are unrivaled, and our flexibility allows for individual implementation - for any industry.

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