Become a link in the KÖBO chain.

As a company that manufactures products that must mesh perfectly, we understand the importance of good cooperation for mutual success. At KÖBO, there are three factors that we find particularly important: strong cooperation, cultivating a motivational environment, and you as a person and individual.

We are “The Chain People”. As such, we strive to be the best in the business with our technology, our hands-on experience, and close partnerships with our customers. Want to be a new link in the KÖBO chain? Join us, and we can work together to develop your personal and professional potential.

Current Jobs

KÖBO is an international company of around 3,600 employees, with production facilities in Germany, Poland and China. You can find our open petitions here. We are always looking for engineers and business professionals who are looking to share their talents and experience, and who share common goals with KÖBO. Interested?

We would like to hear from you.