Professional chain solutions with drive.

KÖBO is a respected partner of well-known automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. Our comprehensive advice and customized solutions impress the world over. This is what allows our KÖBO experts to develop and manufacture our high-performance handling and apron conveyor chains that are precisely tailored to the various requirements of the automotive industry. Even under varying environmental conditions, e.g. during rain tests, KÖBO solutions perform flawlessly and remain extremely durable.

KÖBO chains can be low-maintenance or no-maintenance across a wide range of applications, e.g.:

  • Transfer chains
  • Dryer chains
  • Chains for painting applications
  • Chains for car wash systems
  • And more


The simplicity of the CC5 design has led to decades of success. For many years, our CC5 chains have been used by our partners Ford and GM in Europe and the USA. Not only that, KÖBO has optimized the standard CC5 design to become a lubrication-free system. This represents an enormous cost saving with respect to service life. With our modular system, you can adjust the sequence of the guide roller from CC5A without rollers, to CC5B with a roller in every inner link in a matter of seconds. For details regarding the designs, materials and customized wear optimization, please contact us.

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One of the first stages in vehicle production is the forming of flat sheet metal into complex components such as engine bonnets, doors or side pieces. When they are finished, they have to be moved quickly and safely to the place they are required for assembly. Meanwhile, surplus material is separated off and transported away from the production line. For effective scrap metal disposal, KÖBO supplies chains, sprockets and complete assemblies with attachments. We are your partner for reliable conveyor technology in the automotive industry.

Sprockets / sealed joints


KÖBO specializes in applications for drop-forged rivetless chains, such as x-678, x-458, etc. Free movement of the joints and the resulting high resistance to wear makes us one of Europe’s top quality suppliers. In order to permanently fulfil the high expectations placed on our chains and components, we use high-quality materials. We also perform heat treatment appropriate for the application prior to final assembly. This allows us to minimize wear right from the start.


  • Cross transfer chains
    Cross transfer chains are used in the automotive industry to connect production lines. They ensure the flow though the production process and determine the speed of production. KÖBO produces chains for such cross transfer applications in various pitch sizes and dimensions. Common pitch sizes are 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 160 mm and 6 inch. We also supply powder-coated or electro-galvanized designs, or even some with our specially developed sealing technology. The lubrication-free design reduces maintenance.
  • Buffer chains 
    Large roller chains and accumulation chains are known as buffer chains. They can be found in vehicle manufacturing plants all over the world. Depending on the required timing, rollers of various sizes can be incorporated in the chains. Guide blocks of steel, cast metal or plastic can also be attached to the link plates. Apart from these specific features, KÖBO also manufactures buffer chains in various designs: e.g. coated, electro-galvanized, stainless steel or sealed to protect the joint and lengthen the service life.
  • Chains for dip-coating facilities & pretreatment plants
    Effective cleaning and the correct pretreatment before entering the paint shop are of major importance. This is achieved by placing the vehicle bodies into dip conveyor systems where they are rotated several times depending on the manufacturer. In the tanks, the surfaces are cleaned thoroughly of dirt and grease on all sides with liquid chemicals. To ensure the vehicle bodies are transported quickly and safely, the quality of the chains and a high level of reliability with respect to design, installation and service are key decision-making factors for automotive manufacturers and their OEMs. KÖBO has supplied notable customers and proven itself to be a reliable partner in this demanding segment for many years.
  • Spray booth chains
    Spray booth chains are exposed to overspray and paint throughout their service life. The greatest challenge lies in effectively protecting the chain joint against dust and contamination. The chains or belts can either be fitted with guide rails or external guide rollers for better lateral guidance.
  • Oven chains
    Ovens can operate with temperatures of up to 300°C and so the materials for the chains and the corresponding joint play must be carefully designed and selected. KÖBO has been manufacturing oven chains for a wide range of industries for decades, and our experts have accumulated specific knowledge. We supply conveyor chains for high temperature areas in all common dimensions – metric and imperial.


KÖBO is the partner you can rely on for apron conveyors in the automotive industry and we are also capable of managing the transport process in the final assembly, as evidenced by the many international projects we have already implemented for notable manufacturers and brands in the passenger vehicle, HGV and mobility sectors.

KÖBO apron conveyors can be found in the following sectors of the automobile industry:

  • Body assembly
  • Finish and filling
  • Water testing
  • Corrosion protection

As a one-stop shop we supply chain systems including chains, transport cells, shafts and sprockets. And as a one-stop shop, we are also able to supply complete units. In this sector we predominantly use no-maintenance or low-maintenance chains in order to keep lubrication and maintenance to a minimum.

  • Drive chains
    KÖBO’s roller chains and drive chains are used in almost every application in an automotive plant. On-going development and improvements make it especially suitable for a wide variety of applications such as infeed conveyors to the main conveyor lines or drive applications. KÖBO’s portfolio goes from high strength roller chains to galvanized, nickel-plated, dacromet-plated chains and lubrication-free chains.
  • Sprockets
    The quality of the sprockets is key for the performance and service life of each chain system. In addition to solutions standard to the sector, our production process is more than capable of accommodating your special requests.  We are therefore able to manufacture with special, e.g. corrosion-resistant, materials and in split designs. Depending on the requirement, we are also able to produce induction-hardened teeth.
    Using our large production facilities, we can manufacture sprockets and sprocket plates in all designs and variations up to a diameter of 1,700 mm. We feel just as at home working with specialized sprockets as we do with single, dual and triple roller chains.
  • No-maintenance or low-maintenance chains
    The use of low-maintenance chains minimizes maintenance work. This reduces operating costs, the chain joints are sealed against the ingress of dust, and the environment is protected because the lubricant cannot escape from the chain joint.

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