Meet requirements. Exceed expectations.

Our production capabilities are unmatched in our field. In addition to chains and sprockets, KÖBO is primed for production of casters, sprocket attachments, cell bands and many other customized accessories. In addition to our production, we couple our professional, practical advice with installation expertise and service for our customers – all in one place.

Production at KÖBO meets the highest technical requirements:

  • Mechanical processing with modern CNC technology
  • Modern pressing technique for implementation of the slightest tolerances
  • Thermal loading for specialized hardening and coating processes
  • High-tech, hydraulic assembly
  • Highly reliable final inspection


Heat treatment –

We offer the following heat treatment of metal parts in the chamber and rotary kilns:

  • Hardening, tempering
  • Gas carburizing
  • Gas carbonitriding

In our hardening shop in the chamber furnaces we carry out heat treatment, heat-chemical treatment (tempering, carburizing, hardening, tempering and carbonitriding) of flat and round chain parts (lugs, bolts, rolls, sleeves etc.). We also have rotary ovens (retort ovens) for heat treatment of small parts as well as complex equipment for washing and drying of parts.

  • Quick cooling using quenching oils
  • Feeding / batch net from 200 to 600kg
  • Chamber dimensions 1175 x 720 x 1150mm
  • Temperature range 760-950 C °