Quality –
Progress is
our tradition

Knowing what is good, knowing what is important.

At KÖBO we strive for the highest quality in management and production processes, which is backed up by our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. We are active in the German Standards Committee and international production standards, thus making sure we are always up-to-date.

Through partnerships with technical universities, our engineers are constantly testing and developing new solutions for drive and conveyor chains. This allows us to continuously optimize wear resistance, particularly in low-maintenance and maintenance-free chains – resulting in a direct competitive advantage for our customers.


Business is
always moving.
Make it

At KÖBO we believe every company has a responsibility to people and to the environment. We have unmatched customer service for our customers, and we utilize resource-saving technologies and trendsetting environmental processes for all our production, to be sure.The concept of energy efficiency is not just for our production processes, but for our products as well. And because our products are found in many different industries and sectors, we take this even more seriously.KÖBO manufactures responsible, sustainable products:

  • Lubricant-free, environmentally freindly technology
  • Low-maintenance and maintenance-free
  • Optimized noise reduction for both people and the environment