The use of reusable bottles has gained in importance in recent years. KÖBO makes a significant contribution here: Our conveyor chains are used in bottle washing systems for washing PET or glass bottles. Our high quality standards and experience in the food sector make KÖBO the contact for bottle washing machines and supply plant manufacturers worldwide.

Competitive pressure and the pursuit of innovation have brought the performance of modern filling systems to a new level internationally. This development also means an increase in capacity in the upstream bottle washers; reliable, low-maintenance conveyor chains are a decisive success factor here.

We know that the chain comes into contact with various liquids and alkalis during the production process, but also with abrasive elements such as broken glass, dust, sand, etc., which is why we use high-strength materials as well as corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials.

KÖBO chains stand for high fatigue strength combined with a long service life.