Optimally adapted. For nearly all conveyor processes.

Whether coarse or fine-grained, whether corrosive or abrasive properties – for decades we have been working together with major equipment manufacturers in the bulk handling industry to create unique solutions.

Our experience and expertise serve an extensive portfolio for a wide range of special areas:

  • Cement industry: limestone, coal and clinker transport
  • Fertilizer production: for transporting pellets, granules, sulphur, etc.
  • Power plant industry: for coal, gypsum or ash transport
  • Wood and paper industries: in debarking plants, in plywood production, and in particular for the transport of boards, wood chips, wood shavings and sawdust


Taking into account the highest requirements, our engineers develop the optimal solution. This is why our reclaimer systems set standards. Many cement mills, power plants or fertilizer facilities consistently use KÖBO systems. They value the quality of the chains and the sprockets, and profit from the resulting performance. We therefore offer a correspondingly comprehensive range of products. Via KÖBO USA, we offer polygonal designs for internal rollers and solutions with externally mounted rollers, durable bearings and robust seals. Our externally positioned roller units reduce wear in the chain joint. Replacing the rollers is straightforward and quickly implemented. One advantage is the significantly longer service life of the systems.



Transporting bulk goods by pan conveyors or so-called reclaimers is one of the most efficient transport solutions. This technology is particularly suitable for horizontal transport as well as steep inclines. Cement mills use them to move materials such a clinker from the cooler into the silos. KÖBO conveyor systems successfully defy the high demands placed on them in this environment, as we use attachments such as rollers and buckets as part of an interacting system. We produce all of the components ourselves. Buckling-resistant variants as well as double-strand chains capable of withstanding heavy loads are typical of KÖBO quality and our way of thinking. We are the partner you can rely on.

Roller Chains


Bucket conveyors are used to move bulk goods vertically and usually at high speeds. Due to the pace, the potential shock load and the often very high ambient temperatures, KÖBO bucket conveyor chains are designed to withstand the highest loads. Particularly load-critical applications can be found in the cement industry, for example. Such systems are also often used in the grain sector, for transporting fertilizers, or in the food industry. KÖBO manufactures single- or double-strand systems including sprockets. Buckling-resistant variants or dual conveyor chains with an extremely high measured breaking force are also typical.

Roller Chains


Pans, rollers and buckets are used as connecting elements in a conveyor belt. As “The Chain People”, we always regard the chain as a comprehensive system. Consequently, if designed correctly and implemented perfectly, the type of these elements and the distance between them can significantly lengthen the service life of the chains. In this sense, KÖBO customers can expect us to keep a professional eye on the whole. And this is precisely why we offer a comprehensive service including the chains, sprockets and components. This you can rely on.

Roller Chains