Food and

Clean solutions where it matters most.

Since the very first days of KÖBO, our chain technologies have been used successfully in the baking industry, for the processing of meat, vegetables and grain, and in the bottling industry. Just as in the past, our innovative concepts continue to impress and some are being developed into and implemented as trendsetting industry solutions. As the processing of daily foods or pet foods, or the washing of bottles require considerable understanding of the product, our customers can benefit from the KÖBO expertise on many levels. Industrial standards, and hygiene and legal requirements are taken into rigorous consideration during the design and implementation phase. Our ideas and solutions set standards.


Many plant manufacturers and end customers rely on state-of-the-art KÖBO chain technology. We have been manufacturing temperature-resistant solutions for industrial bakeries such as pizza and bread producers for decades. Typical applications include tunnel ovens or pre-bake ovens. Our research and development team has developed numerous innovations. These are no-maintenance, have an impressively long service life and offer an additional advantage: the rollers are mounted outside the chain, making them very simple and quick to replace.

KÖBO chains are used in:

  • Tunnel ovens
  • Proofing cabinets
  • Pre-bake ovens

Roller chains


The variety of conveyor equipment in the slaughterhouse industry is high. Especially, the hygienic requirements are important to the quality of the conveyor and the final product.

Due to KÖBO’s cooperation with OEMs and end customers for decades, KÖBO is experienced in the development of special chains. Customers require long lifetime of conveyors, efficiency in the process and no downtime in operations. KÖBO offers a wide range of chains such as Cardan type chains, u-joint chains or drop-forged chains for overhead conveyors. According to the application, chains can be manufactured zinc coated or made of stainless steel.


Chains in the sterilizer industry have to meet high requirements. Aggressive media and high temperatures push them to the limits. Solutions from KÖBO are the preferred choice in this environment. This is because of the martensitic stainless steel we use combined with bronze bushings. This extremely high quality material meets the most stringent of standards despite the extreme loads placed on it. Our advantage in this demanding segment is that you can source all of your chains and sprockets from a single source.


Trough Conveyor Chains

Trough conveyor chains are used for various applications and industries, but especially the food industry. KÖBO trough conveyor chains are based on German industry standards DIN 8165 and
DIN 8167. Components and material specifications are chosen according to the special requirements of the conveyor and the conveyed material. KÖBO manufactures the standard range of trough conveyor chains, as well as special solutions with custom-made designs. These include one-sided and welded or curved designs, as well as double-strand trough conveyor chains with bolted-on central links.

Roller Chains


The use of reusable bottles has gained in importance in recent years. KÖBO makes a significant contribution here: Our conveyor chains are used in bottle cleaning systems for cleaning PET or glass bottles. Our high quality standards and experience in the food sector make KÖBO the contact for bottle cleaning machines and supply plant manufacturers worldwide.

Competitive pressure and the pursuit of innovation have brought the performance of modern filling systems to a new level internationally. This development also means an increase in capacity in the upstream bottle washers; reliable, low-maintenance conveyor chains are a decisive success factor here.

We know that the chain comes into contact with various liquids and alkalis during the production process, but also with abrasive elements such as broken glass, dust, sand, etc., which is why we use high-strength materials as well as corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials.

KÖBO chains stand for high fatigue strength combined with a long service life.