Developing ideas that move people.

Together with our customers, at KÖBO we have spent decades developing innovative solutions for moving walkways and escalators. Our chain systems meet the highest safety requirements in passenger transport and ensure a smoother ride and utmost travel comfort. We realize that high loads, large conveyor heights, atypical walkway lengths or extreme climatic conditions are a particular challenge. Indoor and outdoor applications or atypical solutions with changes in speeds are day-to-day business for our experts. They are also familiar with horizontal moving walkways or conveyor belts used in amusement parks.

As a leading international supplier of escalator chains, for years now KÖBO has been working together with the operators and manufacturers of the Underground in London, the metros in Paris, Vienna and Budapest, and numerous airports in Germany and abroad. Other well-respected references include the subways in Moscow, Prague, Madrid, Munich and Bonn, to name just a few.


“We were commissioned for this project by KONE, one of the largest suppliers of lifts and escalators in the world,” explains qualified engineer Friedelm Göddecke, Senior Engineer at KÖBO. “We executed the roller chain escalator special drive as a close partnership.”

The record escalator climbs a height of 21.43 metres. If the system were set at the same angle as standard escalators, the conveyor height would be a just under 40 metres. After other companies had already failed, KONE took on the project in 2008 and in the CHAIN PEOPLE from Wuppertal they found a partner with the necessary expertise and experience to tackle such a visionary project.

We are very proud to have participated in this prestigious project and would like to thank all the KÖBO teams and employees who were part of its success.