Tough Business. Keep it moving.

Since day one we’ve been manufacturing special conveyor chains and sprockets for the steel, metallurgical and aluminium industries. The sometimes extreme transport weights and environment make for exceptionally high demands on materials and technology. In some instances, our coil transport chains must move materials weighing several tonnes at temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.

The resistance of conveyor chains while transporting hot materials, the reduction of trapped abrasion on reclaimer chains, and the absolute precision required for roller chains in tape storage applications are just a few small examples of the solutions we develop. Our production programme not only includes standard products but also customized systems, such as cooling bed chains, turning block chains, pulling chains, accumulation chains and wire transfer chains.

KÖBO solutions impress in the steel industry – even under extreme conditions like sintering and tape storage:

  • Drag chains
  • Link chains
  • Continuous chains
  • Roller carrier chains
  • And More